Wednesday, July 25, 2012

KC Fringe "Four of Us" review by moober

Give the playwright some credit
Rating: 4

Four of Us
KC Fringe Festival

This was an excellent production. Brown and Hillaker are extremely talented actors with a lot of experience on KC stages and their chemistry and camaraderie are tangible. It's truly a delight to watch them banter and spar throughout this two-man play, which has a well-written and structured script.

And speaking of the script... unlike many Fringe shows, this play was written a number of years ago and has had an Off-Broadway run in NYC in 2008. The producers of this show did not provide a printed program so the origin of the show remained a mystery to the audience. At least one person I spoke to assumed the show was written by the actors.

Another show I enjoyed at Fringe, "The Amish Project" had the same problem. No program was provided and no credit was given to the playwright. Playwrights deserve the recognition and the audience deserves to know.

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