Monday, July 23, 2012

KC Fringe "Foreign Bodies" review by BobEvans

Opposites attract
Rating: 4

Foreign Bodies
KC Fringe Festival

Explore the unexplored when a gay man and lesbian woman live together and their lived continue to get more and complicated with humorous twists and turns along the way. Follow three characters through several months of complicated relations as they intertwine their lives, search for understanding, and attempt to resolve unresolvable issues. The show is very funny. Be prepared to smile and laugh.

Blocking was a problem in a theater with 3 sides. The play was blocked for the center viewers and those on the sides saw a lot of backs and were mostly neglected my young sexy things carrying scene change updates. More could have been done to include the spectrum of the entire audience.

As for the performances, all were top notch and believable. They played well together and blended their lines, timing, and characterizations into a funny romp through sexual issues of their gay/lesbian lives.

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