Wednesday, July 25, 2012

KC Fringe "Fear and Trembling" review by Rabid_Reviewer

Funny and Disturbing.
Rating: 4

Fear and Trembling
KC Fringe Festival

Phillip Low presents a series of stories and poetry with an aesthetic artistry that requires the audience to listen and think. Sometimes the stories are humorous, sometimes startling and downbeat. The imagery of the poetic presentation is resligous, sexual, and technological mysticism. There is a fairly loose connection to Minneapolis as a through-line, but the one thing I couldn't say about this show is, "What is it about?"

It is thought-provoking, entertaining, and somewhat reminiscent of the beat poets and the passion of Hunter S. Thompson. The presentation has been upgraded to modern times, but that feel is still there.

If you are intellectually challenged or immature, you probably won't like this show. It's for people who can listen, process and think. It's unapologetic in the images it puts before you, and Phillip doesn't dumb it down for the audience, as so much entertainment tends to do these days.

It's refreshing to be confronted with an artistic vision that I can both understand while I'm watching it and presents food for thought after when I'm done. I thoroughly enjoyed this show and highly recommend it.

I will put this advisory warning on the label. This show is not for the mindless entertainment seekers. If you wish to be protected from the realities of the world around you, this show will shatter your illusions.

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