Saturday, July 21, 2012

KC Fringe "Fear and Trembling" review by PhotoChick

Challenging and High Energy
Rating: 5

Fear and Trembling
KC Fringe Festival

Cascading rhythms and challenging vocabulary are the trademark of this show that launches into a high energy review of urban secrets and myths.

Leave your white picket fence behind as you explore deep into a cities underbelly and are transported by a series of short stories tied together through the actor's personal journey.

A graphic description of rape and torture in one piece made me squirm. However, I was drawn in completely and the resolution of that tale was much more meaningful.

The final legend features an impossibly ugly unicorn. That story felt purifying after descending down such a dark path and finally rising back up out of the depths.

I was emotionally engaged and intellectually trying to keep up throughout the evening. A pleasant combination!

A well-structured piece told by a paramour of words and travel who finally found his true love - his city.

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