Monday, July 23, 2012

KC Fringe "Buck Hoss" review by UCSD/UMKC

Buck Hoss
Rating: 4

Buck Hoss
by KC Fringe Festival

There were many things to enjoy about opening night, the best of which is the performance of Chris Roady as Penrod Goddard. He had command of the stage in every scene he was in. Corbin Hernandez, Alan Tilson, Cindy Siefers, and Scott Cox also offered solid work; and the female chorus is to be congratulated on their commitment to the material. The use of percusionist Danny Lindsay and bass player Justin Hundley, to enhance the feel of the show was very enjoyable. I had some difficulty understanding some of the dialogue, but I couldn't tell if it was the space or the actor. I also questioned the transition scene where Reverend Goddard talks with Buck Hoss and decides to intermingle with the female chorus to hopefully understand their religious conversion; it's necessary, in order to move us through the Greek tragedy format, but I felt the writing wasn't strong enough at that moment. Everyone involved in this production should be very proud of themselves.

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