Wednesday, July 25, 2012

KC Fringe "Bar Natasha Reunion Revue" review by Detailer

Bar Natasha is a reunion for all
Rating: 4

Bar Natasha Reunion Revue
KC Fringe Festival

What a feel-good time! The joy of being together is palpable. It is clear that the audience and cast consider themselves one big family, and they are so glad to be back together again. The audience spontaneously claps along to music and applauds the re-appearance of favorite props and people from good times remembered. This reunion is a great idea.

But you don't have to be a veteran of those good times to enjoy the show, because the quality of the music and the surrounding joy invite everyone to have fun in the moment.

Here are only a few highlights; my apologies to the performers for not knowing all their names.

Missy Koontz pounds out an opening song with energy and communicates with audience on all three sides, and she adds Aurelie Roque and another woman to provide trio harmony in another song.

Aurelie and a male singer perform a funny duet in the musical-theater style with words that make fun of musical-theater songs.

Damron Armstrong has charisma with the audience and hits gorgeous low notes.

A musical tribute to Karen Errington is very moving.

My main regret is that Missy doesn't have time to discuss political ideas. The show is over too soon.

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