Thursday, July 26, 2012

KC Fringe "7 (x1) Samurai" review by Marinette

Just sayin...
Rating: 3

7 (x1) Samurai
KC Fringe Festival

This actor is certainly talented and the show is clever... but I lost interest after about 35 minutes of the repetitious moves. My review won't discourage anyone, as this show is extremely popular. Maybe the poor lady sitting in a wheelchair in front of me muttering to herself thought the ENTIRE show kind of spoiled the effect of the performance. Shame on the family for bringing this lady, since she obviously had NO idea what was going on and kept trying to get out of her wheelchair. My mom has Alzheimer's and it just isn't appropriate to take her to this kind of thing. Anyway, the kids in the audience really cracked up at his pratfalls, at least for the 1st half....

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