Friday, February 22, 2013

White Theatre "Next to Normal" review by LAbound

Powerful Musical. Powerful Voices. Powerful Performance! Rating: 5

Next to Normal
The White Theatre

Having never seen the show before this performance, we went in with no idea what we were really getting into. All I can say is after the show was over, there were tears flowing and a standing ovation! The voices blended wonderfully and there were flawless scene changes and not one mistake that I could tell! Voices perfectly on pitch, and powerful character performances, each character pulling their own weight. If you want to see a dramatic show with an added bonus of knowledge gained about bipolar and how it affects a family, this is an awesome show. If you love musicals (this is a rock opera) and perfectly powerful vocal performances, this is also the show for you. Side note: after the show I searched the internet for some of the songs from this show, and I found a few Broadway clips. I can tell you honestly, this cast did a job as good, if not better, than what I saw on that stage. I have paid $150.00 per ticket to see a show on Broadway, and at $22.00, this is incredible entertainment! With only 2 shows left, be sure to go see it.

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