Tuesday, February 12, 2013

White Theatre "Next to Normal" review by AsfadedAsMyJean

Rating: 2

Next to Normal
The White Theatre

I am a somewhat recent fan of this show. My Husband and I have now seen all 3 of the Kansas City Productions of this show (Kauffman, She/Her and the JCC. It's amazing how I can get something different from every time I've seen it.

I try to not compare the 3, but it's nearly impossible to do. With that being said, I will keep it short. If you have seen one or both of the past 2 productions to come through Kansas City, you've seen a more intimate and thought provoking show that the one currently at the JCC. The tech and vocal talents in this show are great, but none of the actors make a true connection to their respective characters. I learned at intermission that the young lady playing Diana is just that. Young. And it shows. While her voice soars, she never reaches the emotional level needed to portray such a complex character. Me and my husband, along with the people around us, had a very hard time believing that she was the mother of 2 teenagers - who look noticeably older than 16/17. A special note should be made for the husband Dan (Joel Morrison) who carried his role and the show with ease.

If you want a night of terrific singing, the JCC is where it's at. If you are familiar with and love this show as much as we do, and are expecting the same emotional ride, stay home and make sandwiches.

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