Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"2012 Best of Offstage" by Bryan Colley

Here are some of the most noteworthy blog postings from 2012. 

Note that in some instances, links to KC Star articles may be dead thanks their policy of sending news into the archives. KC Star archives are accessible for free through your public library website.

  • Mayor Sly James did a good job positioning Kansas City as an arts town at the City Age Conference, thoroughly recapped by Steve Paul and The Local Show.  Expect more this coming year with Sly James' upcoming task force on the arts public meeting.
  • Jabulani Leffall looked at how Artists Inc. helps local artists on KCUR's Central Standard.
  • Robert Trussell looked at a study that compares the arts in St. Louis with Kansas City. (KC Star link is dead)
  • The Kauffman Center won the "Development of Distinction" award for its architecture, with an excellent video about what makes the Kauffman great.
  • In the aftermath of the Kansas City Fringe Festival, we were treated to hundreds of photos from the many events, daily from July 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28.
  • Eric Bowers never tires of photographing the Kauffman Center, and this year he took to the air to get some new angles on our new icon.
  • Dugan Arnett at Ink toured the new Arts Asylum and interviewed it's owners Alex and Courtney Perry. The Arts Asylum also produced this great video about the value of arts in KC.

  • Robert Trussell took a look at our local celebrities and the growing popularity of alternative theatre.
  • The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle took an extensive look at playwrights and directors in the Barn Players 6x10 Play Festival.
  • Robert Trussell looked back at the 40th anniversary of the New Theatre Restaurant and the 25th anniversary of the American Heartland Theatre.
  • Several theatres produce cast and crew interviews for their shows, but the one for UMKC's Lady by the Sea is particularly well-done and informative.
  • Lonita Cook interviewed actor Nancy Marcy on The Artist Tree.
  • Kyle Hatley was interviewed by Robert Trussell for Little Shop of Horrors at the KC Repertory.
  • The Local Show took us inside the KC Actors Theatre
  • Marion Ross gave a delightful interview with Michael Mackie on KC Live when she was appearing at the New Theatre Restaurant.
  • Robert Trussell reported on a new play about congresswoman Barbara Jordan at the Gem Theatre.
  • KC Stage's Angie Fielder interviewed actor and acting coach Andy Garrison for Stage Savvy.
  • I enjoyed Robert Trussell's entertaining celebrity interview with George Hamilton, who was appearing in La Cage Aux Folles at Starlight.
  • The Living Room produced a slick video for its second anniversary. 
  • Million Dollar Quartet creator Chuck Mead was interviewed by Robert Trussell.
  • Burlesque entertainers Annie Cherry and Damian Blake were interviewed by Dugan Arnett at Ink.
  • Robert Trussell did a great interview with Marilyn Lynch when she appeared in Three Tall Women at the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre. (KC Star link is dead)
  • Finally, this fun Thank You video from the Kansas City Repertory's Christmas Carol cast and crew was a great way to end the year. The play was also fondly remembered by audience members.







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