Thursday, August 2, 2012

KC Fringe photos for Saturday, July 28

Burlesque Bloodbath by Joe Maino
Burlesque Bloodbath Audience by Joe Maino
Burlesque Bloodbath: Painting with Light by Joe Maino 
Experimental Music Showcase by Joe Maino
Fringe Binge by Joe Maino
Closing Party by Joe Maino
Volunteer Party by Joe Maino
Fashion Show I by Joe Maino
Fashion Show II  by Joe Maino 
Fashion Show by CClayton
Motor City Mayhem by CClayton
The Father, The Son and the Holy Truth by CClayton
4Play! by MRodriguez
A Night at the Opry by Steve Thompson 
A Night at the Opry by Tracy Majkol
 Multiple performances by Tracy Majkol
River Cow, We're Not Mitten, Dada is Dead by Tracy Majkol 
The Flock, Getting Lucky by Tracy Majkol
Pilgrimage by MRodriguez
The Recipe by MRodriguez
Belly Dance United by MRodriguez

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