Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fox4News visits City in Motion for dance lessons

This is what happened when Fox-4 WDAF in Kansas City came to the City in Motion dance school and company to get a ballet lesson for their morning anchors. This was a fun feature with the station anchors to go along with their coverage of "Billie Elliot" opening on stage in KC (that coming weekend). Publicist Nancy Besa made the arrangements and the crew consisted of a camera guy, producer Camissa Hill, anchor and traffic guy Nick Vasos with meteorologist Michelle Bogowith and anchor/reporter Kim Byrnes. CIM's instructor for the ballet lesson was Ann Shaughnessy who instructs at the CIM school and is a member of the CIM professional dance troupe. They were great sports and actually did well taking about two hours to do the shooting. Producer Camissa showed her dance chops with what was an obvious knowledge of dance in her planning and vocabulary. Dance was one of her majors in college at Syracuse U. She also got Nick to don black tights and a pink tutu. They also brought a Black Swan tutu but really went for the pink. They had a lot of fun which you will see from the laughter. I hope you have as much fun watching.
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