Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Theatre "Social Security" review by georgerblake

Very Disappointed in 'Social Security' Rating: 1

Social Security
New Theatre Restaurant

The reason I went to "Social Security" was mainly to see Barbara Eden perform. After it was over, that was the ONLY reason I would have considered paying for a ticket. I found the play uninteresting, dry, and not very entertaining. If this is the style of Andrew Bergman, he should give up writing plays. Barbara was a lesser part of the entire play. I think they needed the star power to get people to come at all.

At first I thought it was just me, but then I noticed no one standing up at the end for an ovation. Then I read other reviews across the country with other actors involved. Most critics said the same thing of the play. You could tell it was written for the Jewish community. Unless you are Jewish or have been around them, you wouldn't have picked up on things like "Being locked in a room because you are Mashuga". The play was a waste, especially for such a talented actress as Barbara Eden with such a small part.

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