Sunday, November 25, 2012

Barn Players "Curtains" review by andiam

A TRIUMPH Rating: 5

The Barn Players, Inc.

I apologize for my laziness in reviewing this show after it closed instead of doing so when I first saw it (I liked it enough to go back a second time, as I did for the Barn's "Drowsy Chaperone"). High marks for the entire cast. I hate to single out just a few, but Kevin Bogan showed off his powerful voice in "I Miss the Music," and Trevor French, as the director of the play within a play, steals every scene he is in. His name on a marquee should be enough to sell tickets to any show in town. As for the lead, Curt Crespino--I did not see this show on Broadway, but I seriously doubt that David Hyde Pierce could have portrayed the character any better. This is a fun show which should be produced more often. I've been humming the songs for the past few weeks, and I can't get them out of my head.

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