Monday, November 26, 2012

Bassist Johnny Hamil performance clip

57 Seconds abstract of a beautiful funky piece composed by Johnny Hamil; One of the finest bassist in the country and surely the best in Kansas City and the whole midwest area. Being upright bass his first instrument, Johnny has develop a technique to train students starting at 3 years old. 

When I asked him about this particular song, his answer was: "I didn't see when he took his shoes off. I asked: what is that smell. The little boy said: its just me teacher! The song just came to my hands".

His 20 plus years of experience have given him national and international recognition that led him to create the Kansas City Bass Workshop. A growing festival gathering the best bassists of the midwest. A movement that inspires artist to grow constantly and speak their voice year after year.

Johnny Hamil: a great person, a great artist, a great Maestro!

[Thanks, Tony]

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