Sunday, April 7, 2013

Theatre for Young America "Chicken Little" review by BobEvans

Chicken Little's barnyard band entertains all Rating: 5

Chicken Little, The Musical
Theatre for Young America

You all know the story of Chicken Little and Henny
Penny, but did you know they had a band? Well, they
do, and they sing, dance and play instruments as well
in Theatre for Young America's version of the
children's classic.

Fun, lively, colorful, and entertaining all describe
the current live show at Union Station's City Stage.
Director Valerie Mackey along with the crew of Sheryl
Bryant, Eric Van Horn, and Artistic Director, Xanda
Pilley created a fun set that allows characters to
freely enter and exit the stage and move between
musical numbers and story scenes. The band, so
important to a musical, never overpower the characters
and add an extra level of enjoyment to the show.

A talented cast of singers, dancers and actors bring
the story of Chicken Little to life to the delight of
the entire audience, ranging from toddlers to
grandparents. And, no one leaves feeling anything but
entertained from this production.

The deep, strong baritone voice of Kansas City legend,
Danny Cox booms forth as Cocky Locky, the proud rooster
of the barnyard clan. Eric Johansen assumes the dual
role of identical twin foxes, Foxy Woxie and Foxy
Moxie. The mother hen role of Henny Penny springs to
life with Amy Hurrelbrink undertaking that part. As
Goosey Poosey, Sarah McGuire brings her strong solo
voice to several songs, and Kelsea McLean stars as
Chicken Little, the leader of the band, The Chicken

After the show, the actors line up, introduce
themselves and answer questions from the young audience
members. After that they exit to the lobby to visit
and bid goodbye to their audience.

What a wonderful way to introduce children to live
theatre and help develop their interest in drama! The
show lasts just under an hour so as to accommodate
school groups and their schedules.

Chicken Little, the musical runs for one more week at
Union Station and then moves on to Wonderscope for an
additional week. By all means grab your children and
take them to see the show. For school age students,
the show runs on Saturday afternoon, so plan ahead. Do
not miss this show. Children will love it.

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