Friday, April 26, 2013

River City Community Players "Night I Dided at the Palace" review by ghostpug6

Whodunit? The RCCP. Rating: 5

The Night I Died at the Palace Theatre
River City Community Players

RCCP's version of "The Night I Died at the Palace Theatre" is a fine way to spend an evening. The story is an interesting whodunit that captivated the audience. This play has a large cast, and most noticeable was the excellence of its female actors. I mean no slight against the men, but all the ladies really make this play magnificent. Jill Seib-Schaub, Linda Finch (arguably the show's star), and Melanie Marcec offered particularly noteworthy performances. There are no scene changes and very little to the set: a brick wall, a dozen straight-back wooden chairs, and a stuffed dummy pretty much cover it all. These actors were rewarded by a great deal of laughter from the patrons. Richard S. Bayse has done a superb job as director, clearly bringing out the best from his actors, who were rewarded by the audience's frequent laughter. I overheard several post-play conversations from audience members who discussed how and why they had been wrong in identifying the killer. It seemed that all involved enjoyed the evening. This is a very funny show.

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