Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Michael Henry, Dwight Frizell "Darwin" promo

DARWIN is a chamber opera created by Michael Henry and Dwight Frizzell orchestrating the life of Charles Darwin from period documents, music, soundscapes, and voices. It features illuminating scenes from Darwin's life re-enacted through his own words, and the words of those who knew him -- both his attackers and defenders. Bio-musical elements abound—Darwin's tree of life chart (tracing the divergence of species in the Origin) is mapped to the strings (heard here under Darwin's opening statement). Music plotted by slime mold will also be used in the chamber opera version. For more info: http://www.isorhythm.com/Darwin.html

DARWIN was produced in an audio theatre version for the National Audio Theatre Festivals featuring Richard Fish as Charles Darwin in 2009. Michael Henry and Dwight Frizzell wrote the script/libretto. Michael composed/conducted the music with Frizzell directing the production and creating sound designs. The show is being expanded for a newEar contemporary chamber opera version in 2013. For more info: www.natf.org and www.newear.org.

The NATF cast/crew for DARWIN included:

Assistant Director Ellen Stewart
Richard Fish as Charles Darwin
Jason Hooper as Captain Robert Fitzroy
Lucas Keppel as Major John Chipchase and Tommy the Orangatan
Anna Young as Emma Darwin and the Worm Queen
Lucien Dodge as Leonard Darwin
John Fohn as Thomas Huxley
Bill Oakley as Bishope Samuel Wilberforce
And Merril Wood as Darwin Overboard

Anne Marie Brown-violin
Larry Figg-cello
Peter Chun-viola
Thomas Aber clarinets
Pat Coway bassoon, percussion, and piano
Julia Thro guitar and banjo
Nancy Fohn soprano and clarinet

Pat Conway
Nancy Fohn
Lucas Keppel
Anna Young
Sailors and Yamana
Cindy Boulee
Lucien Dodge
Jason Hooper
John Fohn
Lucas Keppel
Bill Oakley
Anna Young

Technical Director David Shinn
Musical Director Patrick Alonzo Conway
Music Mixer Ben Taylor
Location Mixing and Mastering Metro Mobile
Truck Engineer Mike Knopka
Assistant Engineer Kirby Mitchell
Live Sound Effects Director Tony Brewer
Assistant Sound Effects Director Patrick Tabor
Sound Effects Artist Cindy Boulee
Live Sound Effects Mixer Rene Pringle
Stage Manager Andrew Davis

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