Monday, April 8, 2013

Bazillion commercials

Client: Sylvania
Agency: Stites & Roeding
3D Animation: Bazillion

Client: Shawnee Mission Medical Center
Agency: The Collaboration
Animation: Bazillion

A broadcast campaign consisting of three :30 spots for Boone County National Bank. The spots were created around Boone County's tagline "Strong roots. Endless possibilities".
Client: Boone County National Bank Agency: Woodruff Sweitzer Animation: Bazillion 2013 Bronze Telly: Local TV Campaign 2013 Bronze Telly: Local TV Banking commercial - Lending spot

Client; Arbor Oaks Agency: GlynnDevins Animation: Bazillion

Collaborative project with Propaganda 3. Intro to a game on the experiential website.

video capture of the "Zen" stone stacking game by Bazillion.

Viva Pinata - animated character icons Client: XBox 360 Agency: VML Animation: Bazillion

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