Tuesday, December 11, 2012

UMKC "Devil Inside" review by Lindsay Adams

A Devil Inside Rating: 5

A Devil Inside
UMKC Theatre

This is a night of theatre you will not soon forget. A spoof and homage to the Russian greats, Tolstoy and Dostoyevski, is interestingly opening, just as Anna Karenina is releasing at the Tivoli. The play is a twisted dark comedy, both in the convoluted turns the story takes and the demented bloody comedy.

The acting is excellent on all fronts from UMKC graduate and undergraduate students. The ensemble has incredible chemistry and works together fluidly to create if not realism, exactly, then humanity in a world completely devoid of it.

The production of the show was great, from the set design and costume design, to the light and sound design. The direction by Scott Stackhouse is exceptionally adventurous and fits the play completely. Much credit, however, must go to the playwright, David Lindsay-Abaire, who has crafted an absolutely original and disturbing unreality.

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