Monday, December 3, 2012

Quality Hill "Christmas in Song" review by LindsayAdams

Why so serious?
Rating: 4

Christmas in Song
Quality Hill Playhouse

There were moments of joy in Quality Hill Playhouse's "Christmas in Song", but much of the magic and happiness of the holiday they were trying to celebrate seemed to be missing. J. Kent Barnhart was his ever charming self, but many of the performers seemed to be, well, altogether too serious. To be fair, the second half they were more expressive and joyful, but the first half the show was a little

One of the best things about Quality Hill's annual Christmas show, is the interesting choice of music. This year was no exception, as there was an abundance of original music and unusual arrangements. When you go to this show, you will hear Christmas songs as you have never heard them before or perhaps for the first time.

One of the best songs of the the show was a song that according to  Barnhart, he "found quite by accident," called "A Cradle in Bethlehem."

Sarah LaBarr was the stand out performer of the evening. She had a clear, but soulful voice. Her rendition of O Holy Night, allowed her the chance to show off her incredible range and versatile vocals.

Tim Noland had a natural personality and character to his voice, which I rather enjoyed, but at the same time he felt restrained, especially during the a cappella songs, sung with the other vocalists.

Kathryn Long had incredibly honed technical vocal skills, but often lacked expression. The night I attended, she also missed one of the more important notes of "Ave Maria".

Altogether, I would recommend this show, but it doesn't quite measure up to last year's "Christmas in Song".

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