Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ArtsKC selects participants for Artist INC II

Artist INC, a collaborative partnership of the Charlotte Street Foundation, the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City, and the UMKC Innovation Center, announces the first class of sixteen competitively selected artists to participate in the 8-week Artist INC II seminar.  During Artist INC II, they will work with their peers to apply the business skills and concepts introduced in Artist INC Live to individual projects chosen by each artist.   

Diane Scott, Artist INC Program Director, says: “The artists selected for Artist INC II reflect the rich diversity of the Kansas City artist community.  We have poets, photographers, playwrights, filmmakers, painters, and musicians. Their proposed projects, an eclectic mixture of disciplines and interests, include, to name just a few, a chamber opera shadow play, a film exploring the subject of artists and envy, a book documenting a breast cancer survivor’s journey, and a poetry collection that examines the financial implications of baseball in the U.S. and the Dominican Republic.”

Artists selected for Artist INC II include: Gustavo Adolfo Aybar, Shay Estes Broockerd, Alison Heryer, Cory Imig, Angie Jennings, Amy Kligman, Judith Levy, Hunter Long, Mel Neet, David Wayne Reed, Jessica Salley, Angelica Sandoval, Sabrina Staires, Bridget Stewart, Charles Stonewall, and Nihan Yesil.  Artist biographies and project descriptions can be viewed at www.artistinckc.com/artist-inc-community/artist-inc-ii-fellows.

Artist INC II is designed to empower artists to take their projects to completion by creating action plans for developing, marketing, budgeting, financing, and communicating the message of their projects. Over the course of eight weeks, artists will focus on specific skills and apply them to the creation of an in-depth proposal for their individual projects.  Through a combination of innovative large group exercises, expert instruction and guidance, peer critiques and participation in an actual selection panel, artists will be part of a catalyzing experience that develops both their business skills and their art.

David Wayne Reed, local writer, actor and Artist INC II participant, states:  “Before I took Artist INC Live, I was moderately successful because I was good at taking opportunities that came to me.  After taking Artist INC Live, I was able to identify as well as create new opportunities for myself.  I also took my work more seriously.  This was a huge game-changer for me and has been such a beneficial part of my development.  I have received a grant and a residency and have written/directed/produced four critically acclaimed shows since taking the class just two years ago.   Having talent is one thing, but learning the business end helped me reach goals and create new ones.” 

As part of their application process, artists were asked to submit projects that matched at least one of the following criteria: projects focused on completing and publicly launching a new artistic work or body of work; projects focused on transitioning their art into a new market or new channel of display or distribution; projects focused on starting a new arts related enterprise or nonprofit entity; or projects focused on accomplishment of one or more of the artist's long-term personal goals related to their art work.

The 8-week Artist INC II workshop begins September 17 and concludes on November 9 with a community event in the Crossroads Arts District featuring a Bread! KC dinner. At the event, the Artist INC II artists will present their projects and through an audience voting process, a $1,000 grant is awarded to the artist that makes the most compelling case for support.  

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