Wednesday, September 26, 2012

American Heartland "Making God Laugh" review by BobEvans

God's Not Laughing Rating: 3

Making God Laugh
American Heartland Theatre

AHT's production entertains, but the title misleads the audience. Much of the humor focuses on the Fastasia Dip, an unsavory concoction Ruthie serves at all family gatherings. Unbeknownst to Ruthie, her family hates the stuff.

The show covers decades of holiday celebrations of a dysfunctional family that somehow managed to remain connected over a 50 year span, even though they don't seem to care for each other or share commonalities.

Good acting from seasoned actors makes the show work. And, good acting can turn a predictable script into an enjoyable evening outing.

The weakness in this script is that the main character is so fully developed that other characters lack lines or chances to fully develop themselves. Their back stories are never provided so they live only in the present holiday setting.

Still, count on AHT to provide entertaining plays and smiling exit audiences.

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