Monday, March 4, 2013

Metropolitan Ensemble "For Colored Girls" review by BobEvans

Black feminism explores adult issues Rating: 4

For Colored Girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuff
Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre

Black feminism takes center stage at the Metropolitan Ensemble Theater where the current production, For Colored Girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuff , continues its run. Canceled for two nights because of recent snow storms, the show extends for an additional weekend to accommodate those who thought they missed their opportunity to see the acclaimed play.

Seven nameless characters tell their stories in poetic fashion as the Black perspective, this time, comes from the woman's view. In this powerful play, such issues as infidelity, sexual misconduct, rape, broken family structures, abortion, physical and emotional abuse and the theme of brokenness across the country. Each character is identified as a color-- the woman in red, the woman in brown, the woman in blue, the woman in yellow, etc. Their namelessness strikes to the universal theme of everyman (or in this case everywoman) nationwide. The play even delves into HIV as a result of infidelity across sexes.

Strong language and desperate situations compel the women to tell their stories to the audience. The show, very powerful at all times and very poignant in many definitely needs an adult-only audience. Children and young persons would not understand the theme, the situations, or relate to most of the content. Adults will.

A super-talented cast of seven local actresses bring the show to life. Without character names, providing critiques of such an ensemble fails. Suffice it to say all are magnificent and understood the story, the poetry, the choreography, delivery, and drama within the piece.

Director Karen Paisley and assistant director Tony Beasley understood the piece and assembled an incredible cast and directed them flawlessly.

The show continues next week Wednesday-Sunday, and two additional performances have been scheduled the following week. Check with the theater for the exact dates of the extension.

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