Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blue Springs City Theatre "Charlotte's Web" review by BWS

A fantastic show!
Rating: 5

Charlotte's Web
Blue Springs City Theatre

This show came as a bit of a surprise, as I'd never seen a version of Charlotte's Web that actively tended toward comedy. (But oh, did I love it!)

With that said, Ms. Burris's talent for comedy shines clearly in her direction of these young performers. (Those who saw her portrayals of Mrs. Teevee and Mrs. Fezziwig know what I mean.) Brooklynn Tomlin commands your attention and your laughs as Wilbur the pig, and her performance is wonderfully contrasted by Lexi Poindexter's caring and understated portrayal of Charlotte the spider. I think (and hope) that we haven't seen the last of these two delightful young actresses!

But even more than the principal characters, there are dozens of smaller roles whose performers left a lasting impression on me. (My personal favorites being the crotchety old sheep played by Zoe Bea Edgar, and Lurvy, played by Matt Barris.) The show is littered with tiny wonderful moments such as a dance by the little goslings and a two minute scene with a rival pig (known as Uncle) that nearly had me rolling in the aisles.

The sets were beautiful, if a bit simple. (As expected for a community theater show.) The only weaknesses with the performance were sound issues with mike feedback and a brief hot mike moment when a cue was being given to the cast backstage.

Special recognition goes to the folks who designed and created the costumes. They were creative in concept and design, and the entire cast looked amazing.

So, if you could use a couple of hours filled with laughter tempered by tender moments of heartwarming friendship and love, I highly recommend you check out BSCT's production of Charlotte's Web.

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