Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chestnut Fine Arts "How Great Thou Art" review by BobEvans

How Great It Is
Rating: 5

How Great Thou Art
Chestnut Fine Arts Theatre

Never have I left The Chestnut feeling disappointed, and last night was no exception. The current show, "How Great Thou Art", incorporates a unique blend of old time standard hymns, a few newer hymns, and some popular inspirational tunes to lead the audience on a two-hour performance complete with audience sing-a-longs.

Brad Zimmerman's renditions of all the hymns is beyond comparison. His selection of voices to blend in beautiful harmonies is astounding. The three piece band becomes the 8th voice in the ensemble. Zimmerman's talented tickling of the ivories is enough to carry the hymns, but he added bass and drums to enhance the performance.

All of the vocalists possess great, melodic voices, and all deliver outstanding vocal performances. I got chills during "Precious Lord Take My Hand". And, the finale paired two of my favorite hymns, "How Great Thou Art" with "Majesty". What a surprise! Only one vocalist was not great with motion expression (he seemed stiff), but that could be dependent on the night. Last night, was not great for his performance, but his vocals were spot on.

I enjoy all of The Chestnut's productions and look forward to each new show. As for "How Great Thou Art", I suggest you call soon if you want to see it. I think last night had three empty seats. I am guessing this show will be packed and extended, if it can be. What a great evening!

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