Sunday, August 12, 2012

Barn Players "Revolution" review by hilda3120

Beatles are a HIT!!!
Rating: 5

Revolution: A Tribute to the Beatles
The Barn Players, Inc.

Glad I went to see Revolution at the Barn - it was wonderful. I have to give credit once again to Eric Van Horn for putting on a first class show. In the announcements before the show, it was stated that the entire show was put on without spending any money, and I was amazed. This production had the look and feel of a regular budgeted show between the set, lights, and costumes, as well as the talented performers. There was nothing that looked cut-rate about the show.

There were a couple minor problems - some equipment failure that included microphones and a guitar and a slipup in lyrics, but it didn't detract form the overall production.

I have seen my share of music reviews and this has been one of the best. Not only because it was Beatle music, which I love, but the whole show was set up to be a production with videos, historical information, and staged scenes. There was this one scene where there were actors in silhouette behind the video screen and a solo singer on stage that was just very cool.

The band was great and lead guitarist Bill Welch rocked the house. Some of my favorite performances included "This Boy," "Eleanor Rigby," "Here Comes the Sun," "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," "Penny Lane," "Yesterday," and well, mostly every song in the second act - the list goes on. Especially liked that Mackenzie Zielke, the vocal director, got to sing a song and did a great job. Kristen Altoro had a couple of emotional songs and played them beautifully. The entire cast deserves credit and ovations for their great performances.

It's a show I am glad I didn't miss. I understand this is a benefit show and there are only 2 more performances Saturday night, when they are having a meal with the show, and Sunday afternoon. Go - you want to see this show.

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