Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Nightcap with Arty Vulgaris" episode 1

The Nightcap with Arty Vulgaris at the Fishtank Fishtank Performance Studio shot LIVE each month in Kansas City, Missouri. The theatrical team of Damian Blake and Annie Cherry present a new live talk show at the Fishtank Performance Studio at 10pm the second Friday of each month. The show features interviews with local performers, and occasional historical and/or fictitious characters. Arty Vulgaris asks the hard hitting, the intimate, and the awkward questions. The show also features notable musical guests. The lineup for the debut show includes Annie Cherry, actor Katie Gilchrist, comic Martin Plant, music by The Vi Tran Band, and burlesque by Violet Vendetta. The program will be webcast the week of the performance. Damian Blake and Annie Cherry are a performing duo, specializing in vaudeville style entertainment, though their talents defy confinement to just one genre. They sing, dance, act, pantomime... They are as comfortable and engaging performing in a fancy-schmancy theater as they are on a rural sidewalk. With performances ranging from family friendly clowning to bawdy material they will charm the pants right off of you (usually figuratively speaking). Always searching for new creative outlets, these two are guaranteed to captivate, titillate, and twitterpate. The two perform as well as writing and producing their own material.

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