Monday, June 11, 2012

Theatre Atchison "39 Steps" review by ghostpug6

Rating: 5

The 39 Steps
Theatre Atchison

Theater Atchison brilliantly performed "The 39 Steps". Five actors played a multitude of roles. It's odd to write a review where each performer deserves to be mentioned by name, but such is the case here.

John Henningsen, called Clown 2 on the program, was funny in every role, but of greater significance is that each character was distinctive in voice, posture, and speech tempo. Henningsen is a supremely talented actor who could take the stage anywhere and anytime. Corbin Hernandez played the leading man. His sense of timing and his stage presence were enormously impressive. He was likable and genuine. Clown 1 Gary Linhart is a natural comic. Whether he played a policeman or an old woman, his ability to make people laugh was inarguable. Linhart is funny whether delivering a line of through facial expression. Breanna Danielle, the leading lady, handled disparate parts with skill and subtlety. Her performance was relaxed, less manic and farcical than her counterparts, yet still proper and fitting.

Foley Artist Kari Rydalch was responsible for sound effects and audience prompts. Her enthusiasm was evident, and the audience clearly enjoyed her performance and responded to prompts with great energy.

On the whole, this play was sensational. Rarely does a community theater effort have superb performances by all the actors, but it certainly happened here. First rate in every way.

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