Wednesday, May 16, 2012

KC Art Institute 2012 animation student films part 1

(C) 2012 Black Sheep Collective. KCAI Animation, Junior collaboration:
Directed by: Michael Nanna. Credits: Mike Kelly, Jeff Morice, Topher Hilberg, Taos Myers, Stephanie Sone, Ann Mendenhall, Neil Morrissey, Bob Banocy, Trent Coffin, Doug Meloche, Craig Yamamoto, Paul Kisling, Erica Wester, Brittany Weir & Wen Qiu.

Several years ago, the students began what has become a much anticipated tradition, The Blacksheep Festival. KCAI ANIM's annual 100% student-run animation festival featuring sophomore & junior work from the past year. This is the outstanding opener from this years show.

(C) 2011 John Berry. KCAI Animation, Spring 2011 Junior Final Animation.

(C) 2012 Blake Braden. KCAI Animation, Sophomore Short.

(C) 2012 Trent Coffin. KCAI Animation, Sophomore Short.

(C) 2012 Bob Banocy. KCAI Animation, Junior Lip Sync project.

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